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FMovies is one of the best site to watch movies online for free. We give full access to a database of over 20000 movies and 5000 Tv series in high quality for free streaming, with no registration required. Fmovies updates new content on a daily basis and with our huge database, you can find all your favorite movies and shows easily.

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Watch Movies Online Free
It is time to cut the cord or cancel your subscription! You now do not need to proceed at your own risk to watch your favorite movies on free movie sites. Thousands of movies and TV shows at fmovies are available for free users. And thanks to the site’s ad-free feature, you can enjoy them without any worries. Watching movies with zero ads is no longer an exclusive benefit for paid users. Normally, sites are either free but ad-supported or premium without ads. But fmovies brings you the best of both worlds: it does not require any payment and it does not have ads. Why spend your hard-earned money on paid streaming services when you can watch your favorite movies safely and freely on fmovies? 

What is Fmovies?
It might not be one of the oldest free sites, but it is surely one of the most popular ones. Fmovies has been a safe haven for movie lovers all over the world to watch and download their favorite movies and TV shows since 2016. With million visitors a day, fmovies surely provides what movie fans need, the high quality content and outstanding streaming features. But we will never stop surprising our beloved users. Fmovies is now updated with new features, including the ad-free one, for your utmost safety and convenience. 

Is Fmovies or 123Movies Better for streaming movies and shows?
Fmovies has always been compared to 123movies due to their popularity. Although 123movies was named as the world's "most popular illegal site", it has lost its crown. 123movies was shut down in 2018 and since then, we cannot exactly know if they have come back under a new domain. The reason is that fake sites with 123movies in their domain names are mushrooming everywhere, making it hard for us to figure out which is the real 123movies. However, all of them are ad-supported and we doubt their safety, given that they are fake.  But why put your device at risk when you can simply use fmovies instead? Fmovies is completely risk-free and we provide you with even better features than those of the old 123movies. 

Is It Illegal to Use Fmovies?
Although fmovies is banned in some regions, using the site for free movie streaming is not illegal, according to copyright attorneys. Fmovies download is available but you should stay anonymous with a reliable VPN before using the function to avoid criminal or civil charges. 

Is Fmovies safe?
Among thousands of free movies sites, fmovies is the most risk-free site. Thanks to the ad-free feature, the site is free from ads, pop ups, and commercials.  Users are not required to click on any ads or sign up to have full access to the site’s content library and features. Therefore, our users are safe from all Internet risks such as information leakage, identity theft, data loss, or corrupted networks. Fmovies is as safe as Youtube and Google; therefore, you can enjoy your favorite movies without any fear. 

How To Download From Fmovies?
Downloading a video on Fmovies is as simple as streaming it online. All you need to do is play a movie or TV show on FMovies. When the video is loading, you will see the extension highlighted as a colored 3-balls icon. Click on the icon and choose one option for Fmovies download. 

What Happened To Fmovies?
Unfortunately, free sites come and go, and fmovies is not an exception. Fmovies was shut down recently but we have come back with new features as a way to make up for our loyal users. As long as you still support us, we are dedicated to bringing you the best service a free movie site can do. 

Why Is Fmovies Not Working?
You can use this link to check if fmovies is working in your region. Follow our SNS accounts such as fmovies Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates about the site’s status. 

Why Should You Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free on Fmovies?
Because time for movies is precious, and you should use every second of it on the best movie site only! There are thousands of free movie sites on the Internet; however, we offer features that we believe you can not find easily elsewhere: 
- Extensive content library: With over 20,000 titles in the database, fmovies is proud to have one of the biggest collections among free movie sites. No matter what you are looking for to watch, you are highly likely to find it here. 
- HD Resolution: Videos will automatically stream and download in HD quality if your Internet connection is stable enough. You can adjust the video quality if buffering occurs due to weak connection. 
- Seamless streaming experience: Your streaming will be as smooth as butter with no lagging, buffering, or ads. 
- Daily database updates: Our database is updated on a daily basis with the latest releases, requested titles, and random interesting content. Visit our site frequently to be most updated. 
- Friendly user interface: It should not take you more than seconds to figure out how to use the site. The search box is at the center of the page, and the menu bar with specific genres, countries, ages, is at the top. 
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: Why stop watching when you can stream on fmovies on any device available, at anywhere and anytime, as long as you can access the Internet.
- Zero ads: Ads carry risks and ruin our seamless streaming experience. But there are no ads on fmovies, meaning that you can have the safest and smoothest streaming of your life on our site. 
- No account or registration needed: You are not required to reveal any private information to watch movies on fmovies. There is literally no hassle. All you need to do is search for the movie or TV show you want to watch, hit the Play button and start streaming. 
- Best customer service: Our team is on active mode 24/7. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any problems using the site or any inquiries/requests. 

Thanks for choosing us even though you have thousands of choices. We promise we will not disappoint you! Clear your schedule, plan a movie night, and have a good time watching!